Speech On Sleep Deprivation And College Students

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Dilan Behrle
Topic: Sleep Deprivation
Organization: Topically
Specific Purpose: Sleep and college students usually don’t tend to get along very well. Sleep and college life often bump heads due to stress, coursework and social activities. This speech will give the students useful information about dangers of not getting enough sleep and also hints on how to get a better nights sleep.

A. Attention Getter: Did you know 40% of Americans or (100 million people) are moderately to severely sleep-deprived? Students in college are among the most sleep deprived out of them all. According to the (National Sleep Foundation 2011) 60% of college students are not rested during the day and 30% fall asleep in class at least once a week. The National Sleep Foundation also implies that adults 18 and older are supposed to sleep on average 7-9 hours each night.
B. Relevance: Sleep and college life often seem to bump heads. With pulling All-nighters, stress and socializing it makes it difficult when a college student has the freedom to sleep whenever they want but the work that goes along with college makes it difficult to have the best of both worlds.
C. Credibility Statement: All of this info written is well researched, from reputable experts on the matter like National Sleep Foundation, The Better Sleep Council, Journal of Sleep and the Research American of Sleep Medicine.
D. Central Idea: Many college students have struggles with sleep and sleep deprivation. And
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