Speech On Spider Phobias

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One day, I watched the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with two friends. When the snakes appeared, a friend immediately covered her eyes with her hand. Then there were many butterflies in the movie. Another friend said, "Oh, my God, butterfly! Feifei, tell me after they fly away!" What?Beautiful butterfly? I can understand some people fear of the snakes, but I am a little surprised that some people are afraid for the butterflies or rainbow.
B. Audience Relevance: Probably you or your friends fear something such as spiders, mice, airplanes, blood, dentists, or oceans. If it influences some people’s work and life, they may have phobias.
C. Credibility: My mum fear rainbow, and my friend scare butterfly. These are unusual cases, but spider phobia is common. I am interesting in phobias especially spider phobia, and I want to explore more information about this topic.
D. Thesis Statement: Spider phobia is a powerful, irrational fear of the spider, and it is one of the most common fears.
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Main Point Preview: First, I will explain what spider phobia is. Second, I will introduce some treatments for spider phobia.

Ⅱ. Main Point 1: Spider phobia is a specific phobia, and it influences people’s work and living. A. According to the article written by E. Landau in 2010, for CNN. Many American have at least one specific phobia, agoraphobia, or social phobia. More than 19 million American adults have a specific phobia and that approximately 1.8 million American adults have agoraphobia, which typically develops about age 20. In addition, about 15 million American adults are suffered from social phobia. Phobias comes from a mixture of environmental and genetic factors. The article written by J. Abdulmalik in 2017, for The Nigerian Tribune. Fear is a normal biological protective mechanism. When people face a dangerous situation, the fear sets off an alarm bell in their heads. Then, people can prepare their bodies to cope with the emergency
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