Speech On Synthetic Chemistry

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Synthetic chemistry
Synthetic drugs

Done by: Walid Al-Muhtaseb
Grade: 9A
Teacher: Bader
Chemistry Research

Synthetic chemistry and compounds are everywhere in our lives, and without them we would never had technology, medicine, cloth and cars, most probably you are reading this article on a synthetic device. Synthetic chemistry is the base of our life and without it our normal tasks would be impossible to accomplish, as synthetic chemistry opened the doors of creativity and innovation, for example if you got sick in the 1400 with smallpox you would of died in a 2-4 month but now we can easily treat it with synthetic drugs. Today I will be talking about the use of synthetic chemistry more specifically Synthetic drugs in our lives and the affects of it positively and negatively.

Body one:
Synthetic chemistry: Is the science of
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lets begin with the advantages of using cannabinoids, they are considered to be great pain killers, as they break the pain respecter’s electrical signals from reaching the brain, using an ingredient called JWH-018 this ingredient is considered to be 100 times stronger and more effective than natural pain killers, so by using this synthetic cannabinoids we can perform surgeries while the patient is awake and he won’t feel a thing, another advantage is that some of the synthetic cannabinoids can be used to calm down patients, as they use different chemicals that overwork the brain or shut down the activities, putting them in a coma depending on the doctor as some of them put the patient in a 6 hours coma other 12 and some go up to 20. Moreover, synthetic cathinones or bath salt can be used to help down syndrome patients to feel happy and it can also help people that give up on life to continue as bath salt’s main chemical component is
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