Speech On The Dangers Of Bullying

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There are a number of steps that need to be considered in order for this solution to take action. The first of which is to find someone to speak up to all the people in the school districts, a representative of some sorts. Someone who everyone in the school can trust such as a popular kid or teen, or maybe the student council president if the school has one. If not, maybe a group of people, a committee who are part of the community where the students attend. Said spokesman, or person(s) needs to have exceptional communication skills to grab everyone 's attention. That way, they can make the issue not sound plain and generic as bullying solutions have been discussed multiple times. Next step is to gather all people into one place such as a stadium or gymnasium and so on to accommodate all the students, teachers, administrators, and parents. After that, the presentation/speech will then begin to inform everyone on the dangers bullying can have on one or more individuals. In addition, we will be taking additional suggestions from the crowd depending if it is doable or not. After taking all the suggestions into consideration, the most viable will be chosen and then implemented into the school policies and cemented into the people 's heads. Hopefully, when this works, the number of bullying related events should be declining as reports of bullying activities are being submitted. Though, if this were to succeed and bullying reports at schools start to decline, it is a huge
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