Speech On The Game Of Basketball

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Nick Schelbar

Comm 2613

June 17, 2015

Informative Speech Outline
I. General Purpose: To inform
II. Specific Purpose: To inform the class on how to shoot a basketball.
III. Central Idea: The game of basketball has greatly changed since it was invented, but one thing remains constant: You need to know how to shoot a basketball.
I. Open with Impact: The game of basketball is a multimillion-dollar industry and is an easy sport to play. The sport has gained worldwide popularity because it can be played competitively or just for fun.
II. Thesis: The original concept of the game is surprisingly similar to the concepts created decades ago. It is still a popular pastime today, but in order to play, you need to know how to shoot a basketball.
III. Connecting to audience: I’m sure most of you have shot a basketball in your lifetime, but I’m sure few of you are aware of the basic mechanics to shooting a basketball. Today, I’ll show the basics of shooting.
IV. Preview of Main Points: The sport of basketball has a rich tradition. First I will talk about the history of the game, then I will teach you how to shoot a basketball, and finally I will discuss the pros and cons about playing basketball
V. Transition Statement: My first topic I am going to discuss is the history of the game of basketball.
Body of Speech
I. Main Point: The game of basketball was created as something for people to do in the winter with the time off between football season and

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