Speech On The Hitler Youth

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Speaking on the Hitler Youth, and just how violently anti-Semitic the group was, Jewish survivor Marcel Back explained, “On Sundays we like to go have a nice excursion in the forest, and then you saw a few of those so you tried to avoid to get close to them because they could beat you up (USC SFI VHA, Marcel Back).” Another survivor, Fred Berdach noted, “There were Hitler Youth on the streets […] and they became bullies. You were bullied in the streets, you were bullied in the schools, you were bullied anywhere and everywhere (USC SFI VHA, Fred Berdach).” Berdach’s account was in reference to the evolution of the Hitler Youth in 1938, just three years before the beginning of the mass killing. Many of the then Hitler Youth members would have been eligible to become soldiers in WWII, as well as the older ex-members. Perhaps the Hitler Youth members played the roles of enforcers of the killing program and pressured others into doing the same. A further demonstration of latent prejudice in twentieth century societies contributing to genocide is the lack of large-scale support for the Jews from outsiders. According to Shlomo Aronson, the Allied Powers had influence in the Holocaust and could have taken steps to lessen the plight of the Jews, but instead turned a blind eye (Aronson, pp.266). Citing three sets of circumstances influencing Allied decisions to not intervene, Aronson noted that the Allies were not keen on being depicted as Jew-sympathizers and were in fact very
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