Speech On Time And Value

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Topic: Time and Value Awareness: Throughout this week, time and value contributed to several thoughts. The reason I am in college in the States instead of in Denmark is because I want to play basketball. I value the time I play basketball, however, to accomplish this, I have to condition, lift, and practice many hours a week. Conditioning is not something I like to do, nevertheless, I do condition to be able to spend time on what I value: playing basketball. Another thought that occurred throughout this week was how much time I spend studying. I value good grades because I want to achieve greatness in the classroom, so my degree can transfer back to Denmark, and so I can get a satisfying and favorable job when I am done with college. Analysis:
1. Time and value together, is spending time on what you want to do in life and what you believe is right. Values are what are important to someone, and managing time to do what one value is what time and value is about.
2. Throughout the week I was being mindful about time and value, realizing why and how I spend my time. I want to achieve good grades, so I study hard outside the classroom. I want to play basketball, so I have to spend extra time in the gym to become better. I do all these things to be able to spend time on the things I value.
3. Value is ones belief and pro/con attitude towards something. Also, value is the importance, desires, and usefulness to someone. Valuing something means it has importance to you, and…

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