Speech On Ultra Processed Foods

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Title: For The Sake Of Your Health Cut Out These 10 “Ultra-Processed” Foods
Header: The following ten ultra-processed foods can be a serious health risk and should definitely be eliminated from any healthy diet.

Despite the fact that ultra-processed foods can lead to serious health issues, such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes, they are still consumed on a daily basis. In fact, a recent study discovered that more than half of the calories Americans consume come from ultra-processed foods (http://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/6/3/e009892). Not only do processed foods contain excessive amounts of sugar, but also chemicals, large amounts of salt and unhealthy fats amongst other things. While most foods are processed these days the following
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The downsides to eating lots of candy are well documented and like any sugary snack can cause weight gain, poor nutrition and dental cavities. The weight gain associated with eating too much candy can also lead to further problems, such as heart disease and some types of cancers. However, alternatives exists, such as seventy percent dark chocolate that is actually a good source of both antioxidants and magnesium. Studies have found that dark chocolate can even reduce blood pressure…show more content…
Unfortunately, it is actually the other way around because butter contains more saturated fat while many brands of margarine are high in trans fats. In addition margarine does not contain any natural ingredients and instead has numerous chemicals like caustic soda and acetone that can be hazardous.
8. Flavored Yogurts
Healthy yogurt brands do exist, but the flavored variety are typically best avoided. Not only do many companies use artificial colors to make these yogurts looking fruitier, but they are also loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. Since these yogurts also tend to be very low in protein there is nothing to balance out the high concentrations of sugar and make you feel full. Rather choose plain or Greek yogurts for more protein and less harmful ingredients.
9. Instant
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