Speech On Vacation Transition Syndrome

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With all of the attention that syndromes and disorders are receiving these days (ADD, PMDD, chronic fatigue) I thought that we ought to take a few moments to discuss one of the most crippling and least-recognized conditions out there -- VTS.

VTS (Vacation Transition Syndrome) is the sense of inertia and lethargy -- even depression -- that you experience upon COMING HOME from a really fabulous vacation, as you try to get your sorry self in gear and return to the responsibilities and routine of ordinary DAILY LIFE. We thought about hosting a telethon to raise money, but no one was willing to sit at a phone all day on public television. So I decided to just offer a few helpful suggestions for getting back into the swing of things when you return from your travels.


This may sound like strange advice -- especially when we are talking about how badly returning …show more content…

If you are planning to leave for your trip on Friday, plan to take Thursday afternoon off to tie up any LOOSE ENDS before you head out. Make your phone calls, pay your bills, straighten up the house, clean out the refrigerator, do the dishes, and pick up any last-minute travel supplies you might have forgotten. You will thank yourself when you return home -- there's nothing worse than coming back to a house that is a mess and a huge pile of "to-do's" that have been sitting there waiting for you all week. Then do the same thing on the return side. If you are coming back on Saturday, leave Sunday free to RELAX and settle back into your daily routine. Whenever possible, I plan my trips so I leave in the afternoon (giving me all morning to finish up any last-minute errands) and return on a Saturday or in the morning (so I have time to chill before re-entering my life). Just that little bit of SPACE makes a huge difference in my state of

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