Speech On Wedding Planning

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Planning any event takes time and preparation. The bigger the event, the more time, preparation, organizational skills and experience are needed. And if the event is an important one as your wedding, well it should be carefully planned. So for planning an organized, exciting, traditional and memorable wedding, a wedding planner is the most perfect person. Now wedding planning is not a problem because in 5 to 8 years back people used to do all their work on their own, handling all the tasks not in an efficient. Now wedding culture had been changed a lot. From tailor made bridal and groom dress to designer made, traditional makeup to theme based makeup, traditional Mehndi to glittering Mehndi and from dhool and shahnai to professional singers…show more content…
Yasmeen A Katchi says that People want themes recreated just like the way they find it in movies, and especially Indian movies. “I have people coming here and asking me to recreate a scene from ‘Devdas’,” she further adds “a theme may depend on the choice of the client or she can also match the liveliness of a wedding event, provided she knows the basis.” Shaiyanne Malik says “The changes are there thanks to the growing awareness of style through our media and also by Indian cinema,” For this media is playing a vital role in changing trend toward Indian culture Zoreed Raza6 says, “Media has helped in bringing about this change. Like previously people were not aware, now they are because of the channels and the magazines and the Indian movies. They want to make their weddings more enjoyable and memorable and that is why they want their weddings as elaborate as possible.” The upcoming changes and trends and as the demands of people are changing, so the concept of wedding planners has emerged in with refer to an article published in (Daily Jang 20th Dec’2005) “Often parents have less time and lack expertise so they have to hire a wedding planner who can take care of the minute details and make the occasion more special for the
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