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In today’s busy modern world, most of the people are stressful and find it difficult to devote time towards their health and fitness. Every day we are acquainted with new diseases and ailments, there are also increasing cases of strokes. All these are happening because of the unhealthy way we are leading our life, may it be physical or mental health. There are three components, body, mind and soul which complete a human being. These components have corresponding three needs which are health, knowledge and inner peace. There is harmony in a person’s life only when all those three components are present, which is health required for physical need, knowledge for our psychological needs and inner peace for spiritual need. Yoga is a science…show more content…
Thus discipline means controlling our wondering mind with the power of yoga. The term for discipline in Sanskrit is anushasanam. The word Anu meaning ‘atom’, the most tiny and understated one, just like the nature of an atom which is invisible yet is the cause of our very existence. Shasanam means ’to rule over’ or ‘to govern’. So, the concept of discipline in Yoga is a process in which we learn to govern the sublease aspect, the unknown aspect of our own selves. Maharishi Patanjali quotes the result of this discipline as “Yogaha chitta vritti nirodhaha”. The meaning of the statement is that we will gain control over five Mental Afflictions which are Pramana (Right knowledge), Viparyaya (Wrong Knowledge), Vikalpa (Imagination), Nidra (Sleep), Smriti (Memory) through discipline. Just as the ocean is not affected by rain, so we should remain unaffected even amidst worldly activities and troubles. This can be achieved with the help of discipline in our life and discipline can be achieved by incorporating yoga in our life. We may fail to achieve our goal a thousand times, but in the long run we are bound to succeed if we persist in our practice and if we discipline the mind

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