Speech Outline On Nuclear And Mechanical Engineering

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LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL December 12, 2014 To: Angeline Underwood From: Yakob Kassa Communications 1101 Baccalaureate of Science in Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering Idaho State University Re: Submission of persuasive speech outline The speech outline has been done following the sample outline for persuasive speech in principles of speech course supplement book on page 147 and implementing the persuasive skeleton outline format on page 146. The table of content will help navigate through the outline if you click on the desired section. Regards, Yakob Kassa Table of Contents Attention Step 3 Problem/Need Step 4 Solution/Satisfaction Step 5 Visualization Step 6 Conclusion Step 7 Work Cited 8 Audience Analysis 8 Audience Concerns 8…show more content…
II. [Credibility] Growing up as kid, I never thought that the world we live in was ever going to change. A. Then, once I started going to college, I was immediately exposed to the danger that our world faces due to the effect of global warming caused by the use of coal power plants. B. With the knowledge I gained from my classes and from my work experience at a nuclear power plant, as well as the research I have done for this speech, I am aware of the immediate attention that global warming requires and how the use of nuclear power to produce electricity is more preferable than coal power plants. C. I will be graduating with Bachelor of Science in Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering on May 2015 and then I will start working at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station on June 2015. III. [Topic Justification] The probability of you or someone you know to use electricity on a daily basis is very high. A. Electricity is used by many people for different purposes that can range from as simple as charging a phone to as complicated as flying planes. B. My audience survey revealed that 100% of the people who took the survey agreed that we need clean energy source to produce electricity. C. Most people have little knowledge about nuclear power and how it can help reduce the increasing rate of global warming and how safe it is compared to other energy sources. IV. [Preview] Today I want to persuade you to support the use of
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