Speech Outline: Use of Cell Phones Should be Banned While Driving

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Speech Outline Topic: Why Banning the Use of Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Mandatory Nationwide. General Purpose: To save lives, up to 3,000 a year in America, by reducing the number of car accidents. Specific Purpose: Keep drivers' attention on the road, where it belongs. Central idea: Cell phone use while driving a vehicle should be banned nationwide because it distracts drivers and thereby causes accidents. Introduction Key point #1: Use of cell phones has proliferated to the extent that they have become an integral part of our lives. And since the lives of most Americans are built around car transportation, and so much time is spent in cars, it's inevitable that people will want to stay connected by cell phone while driving. It's very tempting. Key point #2: Use of cell phones while driving is one of the main sources of distraction while driving, and that is not limited to hand-held devices it applies to hands-free access through Bluetooth or similar technologies. Key point #3: Text messaging is even more dangerous than voice calls, and worse than drunk driving. II. Body of the Presentation Main Point #1: The ban is workable. Supporting material: Many states and localities already have laws in place that ban or restrict cell phone use in cars. Existing laws can be found at Cellphone and texting laws (May 2012). Supporting material: Employers who ban cell phones while driving find productivity doesn't suffer. Decisions made while multitasking are
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