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Sweaty, a protester stands enraged on a grimy battleground of ideas, a speaker spouts controversial ideas as the crowd rages forward, and voters raise their hands as they make their solemn decision. The ideal which makes these amazing situations possible is written into many Constitutions across many nations: free speech. With the advent of the internet and the patriot act, this concept is being stretched to its limits, and people on all sides are looking to the past and future for answers. Some look hard at the negatives that free speech brings while others look at it’s upsides. When speech incites violence, is it still only words? When speech is limited, where does it end? To me, all types of speech, hateful or not, should be protected, because words have the power to change thoughts, and actions have lasting consequence. Free speech is a tool for the common era, and should be taken very seriously.
Free speech is a contested right to the ability of speech. In principal, it allows for all people to speak their minds, even if their opinions are unsavory. Some organizations have tried to make rules for free speech. Institutions such as colleges, regulatory boards, and governments have held difficult speeches on their campus as tradition, but such ideals are being challenged with the changing landscape of free speech. The United States of America has also passed laws to tweak the freedoms of its people on multiple occasions. In the past, the Alien and Sedition Acts were created to regulate speech; however, more recently, the PATRIOT act was created to give the government extra powers in the name of terror prevention (Thom, 1 & 9). As well as laws created to take away rights, there have been laws created to give it. In the United States, an example of this is the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act (RFRA) which allows some laws to be bypassed in favor of religious practice (The Times, 1 & 2). Some states have also passed their own versions of the RFRA to allow for more or less strict interpretations of the law. As well as laws based around freedoms, many legal conflicts have cropped up due to freedom of speech and religions. Some have attempted to restrict the people which they serve or sell goods

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