Speech: Prejudice And Racism In The United States

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GOD I'm going to delete Facebook I swear why is everyone and everything racist these days it's so aggravating! Who cares what color YOUR SKIN IS AND GROW UP SERIOUSLY NO ONE. CARES IF YOUR EYES ARE SLANTED OR THAT YOUR BLACK NO ONE CARES IF YOU SPEAK ENGLISH JAPANESE FRENCH, JAMAICAN,SPANISH I DONT KNOW IF YOU KNEW THIS BUT YOU ARE STILL A PERSON! If you feel like someone is being racist towards you look in the mirror and see if your a humble and well educated person but if you act like that ignorant ass little girl Danielle or like a gang banger who says "nigga" "pimp" or "hoe" all the time THEN GUESS WHAT?!? NOONE IS GOING TO LIKE YOU AND ALL! May I repeat ALL races have people to talk like that! Not just blacks or Mexicans EVERY RACE…show more content…
My aunt is a fucking redneck! Ohh well shit she has black friends but would be quick to talk shit about you if your ignorant! Stop grouping together and making it about race or women having no rights or Mexicans being deported I know it's hard to get papers in America but the ability is there if your here illegally it's just like robbing a bank it's a crime not racist so all you who don't have them get them and please please stay we'd love to keep you! Please share this to show people that America isn't horrible we love all races this is suppose to be a safe haven a place of no judgement with great resources for families who came from nothing and yet everyone has made up rediculous accusations and protests that are horrendous and sad kids don't play outside anymore they sit at home on computers and bully others online kids don't wear overalls and flip flops anymore they wear crop tops and booty shorts at the age of 11  kids are so cruel these days due to the media. And what has it done a girl who is now famous for being ignorant and rude and slutty is now rich and getting her own tv show! Who as a kid wanted to be famous ? well Now it's that easy and now they know that.
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