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Hello everyone. This is Rachel. I am going to introduce our team presentation first. Our team presentation is in the topic of what’s bugging you and it is based on the survey result of 21 interviewees who are newcomers and natives. Also, after carefully reviewing all of the our survey results, our team decided to present three remarkable aspects such as what’s bothering newcomers, why does it bug them, and what’s advice for them. Therefore, Rachel, Michael, Monire will explain them in order. Besides of our team presentation overview, I would like to introduce how I organized my presentation briefly. I have divided my presentation into three parts based on my survey result. So, firstly, I will explain what are some important bugging aspects to newcomers and, why they bug newcomers. Then, I will describe some practical and effective advice for new comers. Finally, I am going to share my opinion based on what I have learned. Ok, before moving on to the first part, I would like to also ask you to focus on the screen and listen to me carefully at the same time. According to the my five new comer interviewees, there are some understandable bugging aspects such as language, Canadian culture, co-worker. To put it in more detail, all of my interviewees gave me the multiple answers. they are firstly bothered because of language at workplace. Additionally, 3 out of 5 responded Canadian culture is the bothering factor. Moreover, there are different reasons in the language
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