Speech: Quit Smoking Essay

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Speech: Quit Smoking
I. Introduction
a. Whoa 1,000 dollars! Yes, ladies and gentleman, my first slide of my power point presentation does say, "Whoa…1,000 dollars!"
b. From my Health Psychology Book by Linda Brannon and Jess Feist, it stated that "Currently, about 25% of the adults in the United States are classified as smokers," in 1998 when the book was published.
c. Now, considering all of us are 18 or older in the room, one out of every four of us is a smoker. Therefore, one out of every four of us spends approximately 1,000 dollars a year on cigarettes, plus the health damage it will do to them later on in life.
d. In America, the average number of cigarettes smoked per day is 18.
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There are 20 cigarettes per pack equaling 328.5 packs, 10 packs in a carton, 32.85 cartons times $28.00-$34.00 a carton, ranges between $919.80 and $1,116.90 a year. iv. Smoking is indubitably an extremely expensive habit.
b. From my Health Psychology book I learned the personal characteristics and behaviors that predict smoking in college students like us.
i. These include being dissatisfied with education, being unhappy, living in a coed dorm, valuing parties, having multiple sex partners, using marijuana, binge drinking, and having a negative view on religion. ii. This behavior suggest that smokers are somewhat discontented and tend to take social risks.
[I will now move on to the harmful chemicals that are in cigarette smoke and the risk factors associated with smoking cigarettes.]
III. Body
a. In the Health section of the BBC News, they state that cigarette smoke contains 4,000 chemicals, 200 of which are known as harmful, yet people still choose to smoke.
i. Some of the harmful chemicals include: Acetone which is used in paint stripper; ammonia, contained in toilet cleaners; butane, a form of lighter fuel; and beta-naphthyl methylether, more commonly known as moth balls. ii. Smokers also take the risk of inhaling hydrogen cyanide, the poison used in gas chambers; methanol, a rocket fuel; and arsenic and carbon monoxide, which is the poisonous gas in car
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