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Chapter 1 - Speaking in Public 1.Speakers should focus on the message they are expressing more so than how the audience is responding to the message. – False 2.Messages are usually transmitted from sender to receiver through audience and listener channels. – False 3.Smiles, head nods, eye contact, and clapping from audience members are all forms of feedback. 4.An ethical speaker considers the moral impact their ideas and arguments have on their listeners. 5.“Care and concern for others, the thoughtful use of words and language, and the flexibility to see the many sides of an issue” is civility. 6.Public speaking is more likely to be planned. 7.Which of the following best characterizes intrapersonal communication? - Communication…show more content…
10.A narrative is a story or anecdote that provides an example of an idea, issue, or problem a speaker is discussing. 11.An unelaborated example, often only a sentence or two long, is called a/an brief illustration. 12.What is the median in the following set of numbers: 200, 300, 500, 600, 600? – 500 13.Expert testimony is an opinion offered by someone who is an authority on a subject. 14.To use statistics effectively you should use reliable sources. 15.Reliable sources of statistics include all of the above. 16.When using opinions effectively you should identify your sources. 17.Types of opinions include all of the above. Chapter 9 – 11 – Organizing and Outlining 1.You need to organize your speech to all of the above. 2.The chronological organizational pattern is organization by time or sequence. 3.The organizational pattern that focuses on a problem and then its solution is called problem and solution. 4.Organization that focuses on a situation and its causes or a situation and its effects is called cause and effect. 5.When a speaker gives an informative speech about their College’s progress in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, they are using chronological pattern of organization. 6.Your speaking outline should not contain full sentences. 7.This connective highlights an important idea or location in your speech. – Signpost 8.A properly developed outline will be

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