Speech : Speech About Sex

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Thank you so much for selecting me for this award. I couldn’t be more grateful for my teacher, Ms. Harris, who has definitely given me the courage to use my voice to speak on matters that mean a lot to me. I also want to shoutout my fellow peers who have supported me the whole way through, and have really inspired me to use my voice in a positive way. Now to my intriguing topic. You guys are getting to that age where you are thinking about stuff that you may have not about before… Okay skip the parent talk. Let’s talk about sex. Yes it’s an embarrassing topic but I think we can agree that it’s something that needs to be talked about. I was thirteen years old when I had my first non-consensual “sexual”’ encounter. And before you get your panties in a bunch. Stop right there, I am still a virgin. But unfortunately, I have been in a very uncomfortable situation that has changed my views on anything sexual, especially sex. So let us rewind. I’m with a few of my friends hanging out in front of my house. We tell stories about our childhood but then it started getting a little chilly out. Fernando gave me his sweater which didn’t help. So Alex told me to get into the back seat of their van to warm up. I get in and im almost instantly feeling better. He gets in as well and begins calling me pretty. That threw me off. I knew he was a flirt but he’d never been that way with me, especially because he was seventeen. I tell him to stop as he starts moving closer to me. He try’s
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