Speech : Speech And Debilitate

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Speech and debilitate I am afraid of many things; I fear heights, large crowds, death even fucking moths, all of which I have justifiable reasons for but my biggest fear the fear of public speaking is nonsensical. I know it is a ridiculous fear there is no inherent danger involved in speaking publicly it’s no different from a personal conversation just louder but for some reason I can’t get over it and trust me I’ve tried. In my senior year of high school, I was given a throw away assignment something the teachers used to fill the time. My English teacher Mrs.Woods had every student pick one song and describe examples of rhyme, simile and metaphor used. It was a simple assignment something a fifth grader could do with ease. The only problem for me was that we had to do it in front of the entire class. At the time I was by no means shy, I considered myself a master of small talk (whop dee doo), easily able to strike up conversation with any of my peers. So you would think that public speaking would come just as naturally. I thought so, I really hadn’t experience the fear beforehand. So when it was my turn to present my ingenious findings on the use of figurative language use in Elton Johns “Candle in the wind” I was confident. I stood up from my seat smiling, walked up to the chalk board in my blue baggy jeans and XL t-shirt and opened my mouth only to find the sound of silence. What just happened? My throat tensed up, my mouth was suddenly dry and my body was unstable. I…

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