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Intro. to Speech Communication I took this class at DMACC before coming to Grand View and I would say it was easily the best class that I took there. Even though I already knew I was going to school to be a teacher, I was pretty terrified of speaking in front of people. Throughout the semester, we were required to give two big speeches; a persuasive and an informative speech. Before this, though, we were asked to give small speeches on random days. These could be about where I am from, what my favorite food is, my family, etc. I really liked how the class was organized because it gave us “warm ups” before our big presentations. I grew a lot throughout the class as a speaker and I really learned to enjoy speaking in front of others. Another great part of the class was being able to reflect on myself as a speaker. After each speech, the professor had us write about how we thought we did and the things we did well and the things we could work on. She also gave a lot of good advice about how to fix some of the problems we had. I give a lot of credit to this class and the professor I had to how I am able to speak in front of others rather calmly today. History of the US from 1877 History has always been something that I have really enjoyed. When I saw this class as an elective choice, I was all over the idea of taking it. The professor was extremely quirky, but he made the class interesting and fun. He went in depth on a lot of topics from history and made lecture more

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