Speech: States Representation In The New Constitution

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1. Once my students show up to class I will let them know what the agenda is for the next two days. Welcome class. Before we start today I want to let you know what we will be doing today and tomorrow because they tie together. So today I will pass out a primary and secondary source that you guys will be taking notes on with a bucketing worksheet. The primary source discusses why people were against the Constitution while the secondary source explains why people wanted a new Constitution. After you finish taking these notes and we go over them you will then move on to research on your own the debates of how states would be represented and how slaves would be represented in the new Constitution. That is what we will be working on today. Tomorrow we will have our own debates regarding all three of these topics. I will give each half of the room a stance for each debate. Using your research from today you have to argue for the side I give you. This will help you have a better…show more content…
I will also share with them some I have taken if some of the major points have not already been stated. I will then let them use the rest of class to research the other debate topics. Great work class. Now for the rest of class I want you to research the other topics that we will be debate. So research how states wanted to be represented in the new Constitution and how states wanted slaves to be represented. Each debate has two sides so make sure to get both sides of the argument. 3. Lastly, students must tell me their level of confidence about the debate tomorrow through the fist of five. Based on the level of confidence I might give them more time before the debates to research. Before you guys leave I want to see how confident you are about the debate tomorrow. So we are going to do the fist of five. If you are extremely confident show me five fingers. If you aren’t confident show me one. If you are somewhere in between then show me
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