Speech: The Claddagh Ring

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Claddagh Ring

I. Have you ever moved from house to house? I have moved from country to country.
A. I lived in Ireland until I was 11, then I moved to America.
B. I was heartbroken.
C. When we were at the airport and we were waiting to board the plane, with my extended family, because back then everyone walked you all the way to the plane.
D. That way you didn’t look crazy crying by yourself going through security.
E. I was hysterical at the gate and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I’ll never forget that feeling
F. But when we got on the plane and I watched my family wave while we pulled away
G. the feeling that I remember more is my mom turning to me in the plane and giving me my first Claddagh ring.
H. She told me that the ring meant a
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The people of Ireland are known for their amazing stories and their love of traditions.
II. The Claddagh Ring has a museum dedicated to it in Claddagh, Co. Galway Ireland.
A. People come from all over the world for information on those walls.
B. They have a saying on a plaque by the front door. “the hands are for friendship, the heart is for love, and loyalty is shown with the crown
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c. Building relationships
a. Heart
(1) Love
(2) Health
b. Hands
(1) Friendship
(2) Holding the heart close
c. Crown
(1) Loyalty
(2) True of heart
4. Claddagh ring has many traditions on how to wear the ring.
a. Right hand in
b. Right hand out
c. Left hand out
d. Left hand in In addition to why it was made it was also first made in a unique way.
III. Love
A. Family
1. Distance
a. It did not matter to Robert where in the world he was in the world because he loved her
b. It doesn’t matter to me because I still love my family in Ireland and continue to be close to them no matter
2. Time
a. I didn’t go back to Ireland for several years but when I did go back it was like I never left because we continued you stay in touch and share our lives.
B. Ireland
1. Stories
2. Myths
3. Traditions
C. Gold
1. Poverty
a. Renting ring for 1 day
b. Expense did not matter
2. I hope you own your own ring one day
The next time you see someone wearing this ring. You will know a little about them before you even speaking to them.
IV. Love
A. Family
1. Distance
a. He believed in love and made a wedding ring for his love
2. Danger
B. Escaped
C. Gave her ring for their wedding
1. Never separated again
D. Ireland
1. Irish used as
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