Speech : The Funny Bone Of Our Family

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Mitchell was a man of few words, but when he did speak he had something important to say. There is a celebration of life today that is important to all of us. Mitchell was the funny-bone of our family, the prankster, the child aggravator, and a fun person to be around. It’s pretty amusing that they chose the least funny person in the family to deliver his eulogy. I think they call that irony. I will do my best, so before I begin, let me give you a small sample of the pranks Uncle Mitchell would pull. When my older brother, Steven was 4 or so years old and Mitchell would put him in one of his green military duffel bags. Steven would be hung in closets or rolled down hills. Although he would cry with my mom and beg her to make him stop, as soon as Uncle Mitchell let him out, what do you think would happen? Little Steven would go right back to him for more torture. Why do all kids love this? One year at Christmas, Mitchell brought a can of Asparagus Spears inside and handed it to me. He told me he found something with my name on it, and he said that he legally changed it at the courthouse for $50 and assured me he provided them all of the paperwork. He continued aggravating-- asking me why I wanted to change my name anyway. I argued, and I reasoned with him the best I could. I told my mom several times that I was sure he did change my name because he was an attorney and could do those types of things. *Chipmunk story and $100 bill tricks if time allows* All of his
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