Speech : ' The Last Move '

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The Last Move Silence, my entire world had become nothing more than a quiet, bright, white void inhabited by only me and my enemy. I had never attempted any activity that required so much thought and planning in my entire life. In front of me sat the black and white tiles littered with the tower-like figures I had become so familiar with. Across the monochromatic field sat my opponent, he was a little older than me, but to my nervous mind he was a sinister sentinel hell-bent on destroying every plan I could muster. The cold, plastic table that I had been placed at was surrounded by other hunched over figures all seated in the same uncomfortable, grey, rusty chairs that creaked and groaned with each little spasm. My mind raced with panic as I desperately tried to grasp any idea that might save me from defeat.
It was the start of my sixth grade school year and my parents told me that I had to join either a club or a sport and if I didn’t they would pick one for me. Fearing what my parents would choose I immediately set to work on finding something to do. There were plenty of teams and clubs to join, but most didn’t interest me until I stumbled upon a chess club flyer. Chess club drew my attention because the flyer mentioned it was a board game and in my younger years board games were my favorite thing to play with friends and family alike. Right after school, on the same day that I found the flyer, I wrote my name down as quickly as I could on the sign-up sheet and ran
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