Speech : The Persuasive Speech

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During the persuasive speech I was really nervous. I know that this is the third presentation that I had to do, but I really had a hard time talking in front of everyone. That was very weird for me because I thought that I would already be used to speaking in front of the class since I’m always talking in class and participating. In my opinion, I feel that I did more wrong than right during this presentation. I know for a fact that I kept repeating myself. The reason for that was because I was really nervous. I am a hundred percent certain that I knew my topic very well because I feel really strong towards this topic. I don’t think that your SAT score should determine what school you go to if you have four years of high school to prove you are certain college material ready.
When it comes to presenting I feel that it is a mental game that you have to prepare for. If you aren’t mentally prepared for it, you aren’t going to do well with this presentation. For the most part I feel that I was ready, but on the other hand, I felt like I was too ready. I practiced my speech so much that when it came time to actually do the speech my mind went blank. I know that it sounds weird, but that usually happens to me. I mentally prepare myself so much that once I’m going to speak, I have no idea what to say because I have so much to say. That’s usually when the stuttering happens. I was trying to get so much of the information on my mind so fast that I get stuck on a certain little topic.…

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