Speech : The Power Of Speech

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The Power of Speech Speech is a powerful tool, if used correctly. Speech can do many things, but there are two main things that speech is the best at. It can create and embellish as it pleases. Well-spoken words can also twist the truth and manipulate. Richard the Third is an excellent example of both these attributes. Richard uses the power of speech to gain what he wants. He shows the success that this tool can bring if used carefully. Richard makes himself a saint, a simple disabled innocent who is wronged by everyone. He also shows the failures it brings when overconfidence and haste spoil it. He loses his charm as he no longer treads carefully and simply drives his way through conversations. Richard is a good example of the power of speech as he uses his persuasion to accomplish his goals. From the very beginning, Richard is shown as being a highly persuasive individual. He is very careful to show himself as one who only speaks sweet words making him a very compelling character. He flatters his way to his goals and pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes as he does so. There are several scenes throughout the play where Richard has done this. In his attempt to woo Lady Anne, Richard is speaking to the enraged woman, noting on that it is “wonderful when angels are so angry” (1.2.72). Richard’s response to this seething rage is to create a beautiful angry angel of her. Another attempt at this flattery is made when he responds that “your [Lady Anne’s] bedchamber” would be…
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