Speech Therapy Reflection Paper

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“I’m sorry, Molly, but I can’t understand you”, “Can you repeat that for me? “I’m sorry, what?” “It 's not _______ it’s ________”. These were the responses that I heard most often while I was learning to speak. When I was younger, I had a hard time communicating. No one could understand what I was saying and I was told that I frequently sounded like I was in a tunnel. These responses were very frustrating as I was learning to speak. I knew what I was trying to say and I was baffled why other people could not understand. My parents were actively trying to find a solution to help me speak more clearly. When my preschool recommended to my parents that I should do speech therapy through Minnetonka schools, my parents decided that I
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While I thought that we were just having fun, Judy was assessing the quality of my speech. As I began to improve my speech, we began to say the sound of each letter. While I was focused on having fun, my speech began to improve with Judy’s constant conversations.. . Before I could have a snack or play games, I had to say certain words and sounds correctly, and then I would get rewarded. My favorite activity that we did was painting. I would paint on the kitchen table while talking about what I did earlier that day with Judy. Judy and I had a lot of fun together, and I would always be excited when Judy came the next time.
When I was four years old, Judy decided that I was ready to go to a small class with other children my age and another teacher. I was very excited and happy that I “graduated” from class with Judy, but I would miss her. I was now going to a classroom at MCEC and my teachers name was Carrie. In the classroom, there were multiple small tables and chairs that would be the perfect size for us. There were multiple art tables, and lots of castles, and dollhouses. There were about 5-10 people in my class. I always felt a little bit embarrassed about how I had to do speech and Meghan didn’t have to. Seeing that other kids my age, who also had a hard time being able to communicate really helped me realize that I wasn 't the only one doing speech. Seeing the other children also
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