Speech : Understanding Head Injuries

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Informative Speech Outline Title of speech: Understanding Head Injuries in Soccer

1. Attention Getter
a. Brianna Scurry a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, goalkeeper for the USA women’s soccer team. “It was the crowning moment of her career” stated by Washington Post, “a shootout save in the 1999 World Cup Final against China- was a dramatic, across the goal dive memorialized on sports pages around the world. Surry Yelled and fist pumped but she didn’t really smile”. (Dewey, 2013)
2. Audience Relevance Link
a. I imagine each and every single one of you can think of a friend or family member or even maybe you have suffered for any type head injury.
3. Credibility
a. I have been playing soccer since I was 3 years old. Growing up I have seen many of my friends and teammates become effected by head injuries from the game. Whether it be from direct head to head contact from another player, or from heading a driven ball, I have seen the many different effects of a head injury.
4. Thesis
a. Understanding what head injuries in soccer are, what precautions players can take and being able to recover from the injury itself.
5. Preview
a. First I will explain to you what head injuries are and how they can happen in soccer, then I will teach you the effects of head injuries and lastly what precautions you can take before having a head injury in soccer.
6. Transition
a. Most importantly I will explain what exactly a brain injury is.

1. I will explain what a…
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