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Speech Understanding Software

In the past computers were completely impractical and never thought to be used for personal reasons. Today computers are a common household item easily accessible to anyone. In the future the computer will be even more focused around the user creating less work for the user. This future will be made possible through Human Centric computing. Human centric computing will make computers easy to work with. The main focus is to create a world where computers are everywhere and easy to use. One method of creating a more human interface is by implementing speech understanding software. This software is already improving at an amazing pace.

Most reviews of speech understanding software I've read are highly
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It can give you stock quotes, travel information, sports scores, weather data, and a lot more. This software is based on speech understanding software supplied by Tellme. Tellme is a powerful demonstration of the usability of speech understanding software.

The future of speech understanding software as a natural interface to 800-line and online services is bright, especially when the company can set it up so that it has to deal with a limited index of words. Tellme isn't alone in supplying speech understanding technology, but it's leading the pack and promises to get even better in the near future.

What about speech understanding software on a personal level? Many feel there is no potential and it doesn't work well. This is not true at all, if used properly the speech understanding software does an excellent job at allowing the user to speak while the program writes it down.

In the past the best speech understanding products were designed and sold by Dragon Systems. The earlier programs weren't great, but they were good enough to start with. Later Dragon sold itself to their competition, Lernout and Hauspie. Lernout and Hauspie's products were good, but when they started plugging in some of the Dragon technology into the their own products, they got even better. IBM has done well with its speech understanding software, Via Voice. Via Voice Pro 8.0 may now be the best on the market. Via Voice is also
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