Speech : ' Valedictory Speech '

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Valedictory Speech
As we stand here today celebrating we are all united by a common thread. What could you or I possibly have in common with Mr MacMaster or Mrs Symes? We are all unique individuals! How appropriate that our College Mission Statement start with: “to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.”

My schooling at St Andrew ' started 13 years ago, as a Prep student. We were all a little ‘green’, similar to fragile seedlings of a fruit tree. This was our beginnings of formal education, where we absorbed a stimulus of creative learning. We were all little seedlings the same species but we were intrinsically different. Here we were matured, guided by not only our teachers but by the college as a whole. Gradually we grew into our uniforms and backpacks that once resembled a snails ' shell. Moving through junior school, we were juvenile but curious about the world around us and a need to understand it. Middle School continued to cultivate behaviours that strengthen our roots and branches. Here we soared to new heights with the introduction of subject selection and timetables, along with puberty. Just when we thought we held a secret weapon, they taught us about the evils of plagiarism. This is probably when most of our cohort experimented with ideas. Some with not the best outcomes and Mr Chris was forever pruning our egos and hormone levels to an acceptable level. But mistakes are blessing, right? We can learn from our mistakes by exploring other…

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