Speech in Relation to Intelligence and Success

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Speech is an essential part of our everyday lifestyle, and it is likely that very few people stop to think about how much it influences their day. From waking up in the morning and greeting a sibling, spouse, or child, to interacting with coworkers at a job or students in a class, every individual uses speech in one way or another throughout his or her day. It forms such an important part of our lifestyles that without this essential part of communication, many would have difficulty getting their “needs, desires, perceptions, [or] knowledge” across to others in the world (“Guidelines”). Without this ability, it would be very hard indeed to know what another person thinks or needs. Because of this, many people within the population assume…show more content…
While a person with speech difficulties may have trouble with the production of answers, it does not suggest that a person with a speech disorder will have lesser intelligence—nor does it suggest the reverse, that a person with excellent speaking skills will have greater intelligence. It is entirely possible that a brilliant person would have a speech disorder. The skills of spoken speech do not correlate directly with levels of intelligence and chance of success, but there are those within the general population who hold this misconception because they perceive that spoken speech is indicative of intelligence and success. Because of this emphasis upon spoken speech, there can be the misconception that spoken ability directly correlates with measured intelligence levels, as well as assuming that it affects their personality and chance of success as well. In one particular study, the researchers found that within a certain population, the teaching staff perceived that children who had “trouble speaking” were seen as having a lower intellectual aptitude (Bleile, Mcgowan, and Bernthal 378). The study surveyed professionals within several different areas about the proficiency and intelligibility of a group of
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