Speeches Are Scary For Anyone Who Hates Public Speaking

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Obviously, speeches are scary for anyone who hates public speaking. I happen to be one of those people; I get terribly nervous see all the faces staring at me. I am nervous about that sort of stuff, but I’m trying to get over it. Honestly, I think it was a great thing that I was able to get this speech out of the way. Once I get through doing something like this, I tend to get a lot more comfortable afterwards with my classmates. Doing these speeches even when I don’t want to is definitely a pro; it prepares me for the real world. I really liked the topic I presented. I felt that when I did this speech it was much better than the last one. I believe this happened because the topic was something I have done before and am very…show more content…
After practicing in my basement so much I was comfortable with the topic that I didn’t have say things in order or word for word I was able to change it up on the spot. While using any type of delivery style it is always important to have eye contact. Eye contact is a crucial part of giving a proper speech. While I was setting up to give my speech I looked around the room to see who was there so that I don’t get distracted by seeing a new face. I established eye contact with only most of the class because some were looking away. Keeping eye contact while I was giving my speech was quite hard. I tried the technique of going around the room and making eye contact which each person but that actually made me a bit more nervous. I became a bit nervous because while trying to make eye contact I noticed a few were on their phones, and looking away. I started to feel that my speech wasn’t that good because they weren’t paying attention, but I got rid of this feeling by looking at the people that were actually paying attention. That helped get some confidence. I feel like if when I was giving the speech if more people had smiles on their faces and not the expression of “oh I just want to leave already” it would make giving eye contact a lot easier. Even though eye contact is crucial part of a speech, physical delivery is key part as
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