Speed Book Talk: The Eternal Hourglass By Erica Kirov

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Speed Book Talk The book I read for my ORP was Magic keepers, The Eternal Hourglass written by Erica Kirov. The Lexile of this book is not to be found but it was authorized so it must be a good enough level. This book has 250 pages and it fits into the genre of Fantasy. This book has many small Character vs Self and Character vs Nature conflicts but the main one is in the Character vs. Character category. The main conflict of this story is a group of Magickeepers, including the main character (Nicholai or Nick) against the Shadowkeepers. The man controlling the Shadowkeepers is a bad man named Rasputin. He killed many innocent people and the Magickeepers are trying to stop him. Rasputin has a lot of power and the magic keepers do too… but…show more content…
Nick had to get many “boring” lessons because he was very confused about what his life has fallen into. In the beginning he was eating a delicious cheeseburger until his grandpa did something and now, he is eating expensive caviar in a royal, magical, hotel. Nick is a very special boy because he comes from a family where people could control magic in a unique and important way. Nick can see the stories and messages from crystal balls and everybody can do that, but the Shadowkeepers want something from him that he has no idea about. This book is in a series and I recommend it. I recommend this magical book because it is very intense and every now and then, there are silly things in here. This book inspired me to read more fantasy books because this was my first fantasy book. I thought that magic and dragons were lame until I read this book
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