Speed Limits And Speed Limit Setting Practices

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Contrary to popular belief, slower speed limits that are set by politicians that have no knowledge of road engineering, and don’t listen to city engineers, creates a dangerous environment were drivers are more likely to speed and create risk. Around two months ago, the Victoria council unanimously approved of the proposal to lower speed limits on many active streets such as Cook Street, Blanchard Street, Richmond Street, as well as many others. However, these changes have been opposed by the city engineers and seem to go against the ministry of transportations “Review and Analysis of Posted Speed Limits and Speed Limit Setting Practices in British Columbia”. In addition, research in the United States has shown an increase in speed limits, where appropriate, reduces speeding and does not increase the amount of crashes. Furthermore, on the case of highways, if we take examples from Germany’s autobahn fatality rate and contrast it with our highway we see a dramatic difference. Moreover, instead of spending money and replacing the signs entirely, our city should instead deposit more money is road safety equipment. Our politicians should listen more to the professionals, city engineers, rather than making absurd speed limits that do not reflect the speeds that drivers deem acceptable. In 2014, the Victoria city council decided to lower speed limits on streets in the downtown core, some notable mentions being Quadra Street, Richmond, and many others. These streets are being

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