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A STUDY OF 99 SPEEDMART’S SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGY, ISSUES AND CHALLENGES RETAIL SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT (RSCLM) LECTURER: MR.RAZIF PREPARED BY: MAGENTHIRA MOGANAMALAR RENUKA PUTRI FARHANA BINTI MOHAMAD ASRI (6102010171) MBA 99 SPEEDMART INTRODUCTION 99 Speedmart mini markets have more than 3000 kinds of groceries offered and highly organized environment easier for customers to choose and find the desired item themselves. They will put these mini markets strategically positioned in close proximity to residential areas and neighborhood customers to facilitate their daily expenditure. Nowadays 99 Speedmart supported by three distribution centers with a size of 80,000 square feet, 65,000 square feet and the third…show more content…
There are companies that sell brands before they sell the product. 99 Speedmart is a brand which is simple and very catchy. This mini market has created a strong branding among the consumers. The 99 Speedmart has a strong brand which associated with quality, customer service and so on. The company has slogan which stated as ‘Near n Save’. 99 Speedmart’s brand is always associated with convenience for shopping and is located in your nearest neighbourhood (housing areas). This company helps to save consumers’ time and money solely by heading to nearest 99 Speedmart for all necessities. The company also develops a strong recognition among the consumers which is a major strength for the company. This was proven when the company receives its first Consumer Choice Award in 2006 from the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Malaysia. This is a milestone marking award that shows the success of the company in winning consumers’ hearts and minds and also receives Fair Price Award in 2010. Besides that, its success was discovered by Forbes Asia labeling 99 Speedmart as Malaysia King of Mini-Marts. Products The 99 Speedmart offered a quality in their business. The company focused in selling only the essential products and daily use products to fulfill and satisfy customer needs. The company concept consists providing a quality items to the customers. Each of 99 Speedmart stores is stocked with an array of groceries. There are more than 3,000 items, from fresh milk to

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