Speed Of A Projectile Propelled By A Solenoid

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Speed of a Projectile Propelled by a Solenoid
Student: Octavio Alonso Cuesta De La Rosa
Consultant: Evan Simmers
Supervising teacher: Kent Hogan

Write your aim, need or opportunity, with an explanation of why it was worth achieving:
My aim was to calculate the velocity of a ferrous projectile propelled by a solenoid.
Originally I planned to build my own coil gun and use it for testing, but as time grew shorter and hardly any progress was made on the project, Mr. Hogan suggested I use the coil gun my consultant had left behind in the schools store room. Although I disputed the idea at first, the more I argued the more Mr. Hogan’s idea made sense.
Executive summary:
• Introduction:
There was no real need to carry out this project. It started off as one of several suggestions made to my teacher Kent Hogan. From my point of view this particular suggestion was nothing more than a joke especially considering where I got it from, but from Mr Hogan’s perspective this suggestion was the most feasible and had the most potential.
I’m not forcing anyone to pay serious attention to this project. There are likely far better ones out there that talk about coil guns. However, if you want to know how fast a rudimentary contraption can propel a ferrous projectile by briefly generating a strong magnetic field it will benefit you to keep reading. Also the presentation was a lie – well, maybe not an outright lie but the results in the presentation were…

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