Speeding In College

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"Shoot! I am going to be soooooo late! I am going to have to fly to make it to school on time!” I said to myself out loud as I frantically tried to get my books in my backpack and my feet stuffed into my shoes. As hard as I try, I am never that person that regularly shows up to things early. I am always cutting it close, and sometimes even a little late. Today was no exception to that philosophy. I woke up to my dad yelling to my dad yelling from the top of the steps. "Hey, it's slippery and the trucks haven't salted yet. Drive slow and be careful!" "Okay Dad!" I look at the clock and realize I'm already fifteen minutes late for school. Leaping out of bed, I desperately try to regain the time throughout my morning routine. I dash through…show more content…
The first thing I do is test exactly how slippery the roads are by doing a brake check. The brake control doesn’t grind under my foot, so I must be all good! I start speeding away in my little stick shift. A couple miles down the road I realize the road has a sort of ‘wet’ look to it. Looking at the temperature gauge on my dash and realizing that it is well below freezing, I do another brake check. There was that familiar grinding feeling from the brake control under my foot. Wanting to play it safe but still wanting to hurry, I figured slowing from fifty eight miles per hour to forty five miles per hour on the corners would be a safe enough speed. I then continue on my twelve mile route to…show more content…
I just rolled my car on County Road 577 and am stuck inside and can't get out." Evaluating my car, I notice the back windshield is smashed out. "Oh wait! I can get out the back windshield." "Are you injured in any way?" "Nope I'm all good. But I need to put the phone down in order to climb out. Hang on" *Pause* "Okay I'm out!" "Do you have any idea where on County Road 577? Is there a house near you that you can get to that has a house number?" "Uh," I look up and down the road. "Yeah, but it's like a quarter mile away..." "I really need you to go find out what that number is so I can send a patroller to you." "Okay, but your going to have to give me a bit because it's a looong ways away." I start running down the road thankful for cross country. "Okay, I'm almost there!" I say jokingly. "Great!" "Okay the house number is N214" "Alright." *Pause* "It looks like there is a patroller just two minutes from you. I'll stay on the line with you until they arrive. Are you sure you aren't injured? I can send an ambulance instead of a first responder to
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