Speeding Up Secure Communication Of Database Using Database Administration

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Speeding up Secure Communication of Database using Database Administration
Marval IT Solutions is a software development company located at Hyderabad. Our company is a strong and has long withstanding relationship with oracle services and its technologies. Our company deals with Customer Relationship Management, Customer Experience, Enterprise Performance Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Development of Mobile applications, Web Applications. To deliver these services we use Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Siebel, Fusion Applications, Right Now Technologies, Oracle Knowledge, iOS and Android Framework. We maintain the customer profiles, product catalogs, inventory management and store
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Every company that manages database requires a database administration group to supervise and promise the proper usage and employment of the company’s data. The order of database administration is not well understood or universally practiced in a consistent and easily simulated manner. Implementing a DBA function in the organization requires effective planning.
Job Responsibilities As a Database Administrator my responsibility is to manage the performance, data integrity and security of database. Troubleshooting the issues generated by the user and also involving in the planning and developing the database. I should make sure that data remains consistent throughout the database. Data should be defined very clearly in the database by following normalization rules. Database roles are created to keep the data flowing smoothly. Collecting the data and analyzing user requirements to derive conceptual and logical data models and also have some responsibilities like management of metadata, creating the database schema, management of growing data capacity, review of Structured Query Language (SQL) code, Globalization of the data with no downtime, movement of the data from one database to another, database backup and database recovery, Data security and Database auditing. According to Mullins (2010), “DBA roles vary depending on the type of database, the processes they administer and the
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