Speedster Athletics Case Study Essay

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Part I One of the key roles of social media from a marketing perspective is the development of a client based platform. It is becoming an increasingly important part of any business’s marketing. Businesses can utilize existing online platforms to build networks of current and potential clients. By being active online allows businesses to connect with their customers in innovative ways to become a trusted source of information and convey the passion they have for their industry. Social media is different from more traditional marketing tactics as it offers a free platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. This allows for the increase communication for organizations to foster brand awareness and often, and…show more content…
Some key determinants of a successful social media promotional campaign is measuring brand reach or viewers, and the level of engagement interacting with the promotional message. Level of influence can inspire followers to take some kind of action such as engaging with your message or making a purchase. Measurables such as tracking social media traffic to a company’s website or even time spent on a specific page, viewing of various products and other such actions can also provide valuable data. These are all relevant from a marketing perspective in evaluating increased brand awareness or appeal of interest to the promotional campaign. Part II Speedster Athletics Company- 2011 - Ratio Questions 1. ROE 2.25% - If this ROE went up it means Speedster Athletics is improving on generating profit from assets (without requiring as much debt) and have a better competitive advantage by creating more wealth to shareholders. If ROE went down Speedster is financially over leveraged may have been making high risk investments which is impacting stockholder value. 2. EPS $1.02 – If EPS goes up it Speedster is generating more profit on behalf of its owners, making the common shares more valuable. If this number is going down, it means the company has probably taken on additional debt which in effect is diluting share value. This indicates the company's

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