Spelling: Linking Words to Meaning by John R. Pescosolido

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Numerous teachers overtime have expressed the necessity to modify the lesson plans from text books and other instructional materials. Some textbooks become unfitting to teachers because they do not align with current content or teaching methodologies, although the educational value remains constant. Particularly for special educators, the use of commonly assigned textbooks and relevant materials is minimal, as a result of it not being conducive to education goals for students with disabilities. For textbooks and other instructional materials to enhance learning by all students, instruction policies and practices should promote astute consideration of the learning characteristics of students with disabilities (Fiore & Cook, 2004). The…show more content…
An example of this is demonstrated when a special educator or paraprofessional teaches the students how to develop their comprehension skills. Comprehension skills are initially developed with instructors placing emphasis on key elements of content with study guides and notes incorporated into the reading subject matter by the teacher. Words that are significant in relation to the context of the reading subject are in bold letters and captioned with pronunciation descriptions to assist with comprehension. The special educator or paraprofessional repeat instructions as needed, speaking slowly and using simple sentence structure whenever possible. Additionally, A teacher or aide's assistance is supplemented by them asking questions pertaining to the content that is read on each page, and holding an individual discussion stemming from the questions concerning the reading. Alternative instruction to develop a students prerequisite skills also includes the use of modern technological resources. Many students will use a computer to assist with developing decoding, spelling, and phonic skills. The computer program, Lexia, which speaks prompts to the students as it guides them through a language arts program, is supplemented into the current curriculum. An advantage of this program is that it can be programmed to implement the same or similar content as the instructional materials used in the classroom. The Lexia program begins with a

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