Spending Habits

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Spending Habits of People: A Good or Bad Thing Bibek Multani Kaplan University Demographics Based on the demographics of people, African Americans usually have 2 shopping carts with canned goods, readymade dinner meals (microwavable), ice cream, frozen pizza, etc. I think the reason for this is because African Americans may not be living the American lifestyle. Every time I go to Wal-Mart I see African Americans like how I described above. For the Latino, families there are a lot of corn chips with salsa, and beans, tacos, etc. Other Demographics include age, and the only people I see at Wal-Mart are college boy and girls shopping, mostly for hot pockets and frozen pizza. Not a lot in the cart except for that much (I think it…show more content…
However, this does not mean it is good for the people and for the planet in fact it might have the opposite effect people want it to have. And most importantly there is another “America” that people speak of: it is called “pioneers of organic and permaculture food production”. The good news is that other people around the world are listening in on this other “America”. For example, in China there are people who do not believe the country’s economy should be this way, so they are looking towards new models. One example of a new model is, “booming new rural reconstruction movement”, this movement integrates features of the old Chinese traditions and lifestyle and communities. This movement can have people working together towards a goal of bettering our economy. Reference Curch M. Lisa (2006). Shopper s Paradise Lost: Shopping by Elderly Adults in the Age of Big Box Businesses. Retrieved from http://www.oneonta.edu/academics/ssr/PDF/Elderly%20Shopping.pdf Hartman Group (2008). Understanding Consumer Culture. Retrieved from http://www.hartman- group.com/hartbeat/understanding-consumer-culture MPG. Marketing hard Times. Retrieved from http://www.marketingpsychology.com/article16hardtimes.htm Wen, J. Dale (2008). A Potential Ally in Fighting Consumerism. Retrieved from
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