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Although being a parent is the most wonderful blessing in the world, it does include a few hard times. Children go off to school, they get scraped knees, and they get broken hearts. All these situations are difficult for parents to handle. Another situation that is tough for parents to handle is telling their children where babies come from. Fertilization is a miracle, and although we do not have to go into detail with our children, it is very interesting to know how it all begins. Fertilization begins with a sperm and an egg. Here is a short story of how they meet.
Once upon a time in a far away land called Testicles, Sammy sperm was born. He was born as a small cell in the male body through tubes called seminiferous tubules.
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About a week later, the sperm fertilizes the egg, and she becomes a zygote. About eight weeks after being fertilized the zygote becomes an embryo. At nine weeks the embryo becomes a fetus. It only takes one sperm to fertilize and egg. Sammy and Emma have just made a baby.
Telling our children about where babies come from can be a chore in itself. Most parents believe that the story of the birds and the bees is the best approach. Others like the stork story. Whatever route that is taken, the stories are not easy. We want to keep our children safe. We want to keep our children sheltered. We want to keep our children pure. However, the Lord made reproduction a very beautiful thing. In fact, without fertilization, none of us would exist. The easiest approach when telling our children about babies is the truth. The truth of the matter is all creatures can make babies. However, in order to produce a baby, a sperm and an egg must
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