Sperm Motility Lab Report

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From table 3, The median motility parameter is 15%, median sperm volume is 2.7ml.,Median Sperm concentration was 21.9M/ml.There are also median progressive motile sperm was 22.2% and non progressive motile sperm was 25.9% and immotile was 26.9%. The aged people over 60years were either azoospermic or had progressively non motile sperm. All of men with zero sperm motility had fathered children earlier in their life and none have been diagnosed with their own fertility problem. Sperm quality varied with some lifestyle factor.Semen volume is higher in men who never consumed alcohol and never used tobacco.Sperm concentration is higher in men who abstained >5 days but lower in men who had high blood pressure. Men who had urine infection, had lower percentage motile and progressively motile. Semen volume Men in their 20s had a median semen volume that is 3.6ml(Table 3).And semen volume reduces with increases age.This decreases with age is shown graphically in Figure 1.Semen volume decreases with age with 0.03ml per year.50 year aged people has lower semen volume rather than 30year old man. The number of men with abnormal semen volume (<2ml)also increases with the age.It is shown graphically in figure 2.At the age of 30years there are 10% of the men had abnormal semen.And at the age of 50 years there are 30% of men had abnormal semen. Figure 1A Figure 1 B…show more content…
C Figure 1.D Figure 1.E Figure 1.F Figure 1.G Figure 1.F Figure 1.The relationship between age in years and semen volume (A),Semenconcentration(C),motility(D),progressive(E),nonprogressive(F). Comparison between progressive motility and non progressive motility are shown in Fig 1.G.It is shown that there are high amount of non progressive motility rather than progressive motility.In 1.F it is shown the Comparison between immotile,progressive and non progressive.There are maximum people consider as infertility.
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