Spheres and Stages of Discipleship Essay

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1 LIBERTY UNIVERSITY LIBERTY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY SPHERES AND STAGES OF DISCIPLESHIP A PAPER SUBMITTED TO DR. DONALD HICKS IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COURSE DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRIES DSMN 500 BY TERRELL PEARSON CHICAGO, IL FEBRUARY, 2015 2 Introduction In this paper I will identify the five stages of discipleship according to the growth process described in the book DiscipleShift: Five Steps That Help Your Church To Make Disciples Who Make Disciples. These five stages are spiritually dead, spiritual infant, spiritual child, young adult, and parent.1 In addition I will also discuss what is called the Four Spheres of discipleship.2 Spiritually Dead The…show more content…
They can be identified by their “phrase from the stage” which are: ● I don’t know if this church meets my needs. ● The church is getting too big. ● Why do we have to learn new songs? ● No one speaks to me at church.10 The length of time a person has attended church has nothing to do with their level of growth.They need to surround themselves around mature Christians in order to go from dependency to self sufficient.11 8 Putman, Harrington, and Coleman, 65. Ibid., 65. 10 Ibid., 66. 11 Ibid., 66 9 5 Spiritual Young Adult 1 John 2:13­14 describes Spiritual Young Adults as Christians who have overcome the Evil One and the Word of God abides in them.12 These individuals are striving to become more concerned about others rather than themselves. They are more students of the Word of God and the Great Commission. They are givers instead of takers.13 You can identify a Spiritual Young Adult by these phrases from the stage: ● In my devotion… ● I will like to go to Uganda for a mission… ● I love being a worship leader because… ● I have three friends that I witness to… These young adults need mentoring and a place to utilize their spiritual gifts. Spiritual Parent Spiritual Parents are considered spiritually mature people who make disciples and have grown strong in the Lord. These are reliable disciples who are qualified to teach others.14 2 Timothy 2:1­2 describes them as those who have grown strong in grace that is

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