Spider Monkeys Lab Report

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Color Vision in Spider Monkeys

To determine the color vision abilities of four individual spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi). Certain New World monkeys, such as spider monkeys, vary in the types of color they can see. Furthermore, the color vision abilities of these monkeys vary among individuals due to the differing genetics of males, who have dichromatic vision and certain females who have trichromatic vision similar to humans (Regan et al., 2005). Additionally, only one behavioral study has been conducted with spider monkeys to test their color vision abilities (Ateles fusciceps and Ateles belzebuth; Blakeslee & Jacobs, 1982). However, with a sample size of only two spider monkeys who were a different species than the spider monkeys housed at the zoo, this research should be reinvestigated. Ultimately, the implications of the study will give us more insight into spider monkey color vision and increase opportunities for improved environmental enrichment for animals based on their individual color abilities.

Procedure: We will use a match-to sample paradigm to test color vision. In the match-to sample paradigm, animals are presented with a
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Initially, the animal will not be asked to discriminate between two boxes, but rather just touch the only box presented to them after the delay. Once the animal learns touching the box presented to them after the delay leads to reinforcement, we will begin to present two boxes of differing color to the animals. In order to gain reinforcement at this stage of training, the animal must be able to correctly discriminate color based on the sample they just previously saw. Due to an absence of other studies to access information from, I am uncertain of how many sessions it will take before this behavior is fully
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