Spielberg 's List And Roman Pola Ń Ski 's The Pianist

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Media, especially popular films and movies, plays an important role in shaping the public’s opinions and understanding of the world. The Holocaust for example is a subject that has received a lot of media attention, including three Academy award-winning films in the past two decades. Most people know little about the Holocaust and these films serve as the primary sources of their knowledge, therefore, how they perceive the Holocaust is directly related to the way it is portrayed in these popular movies. Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List and Roman Polański’s The Pianist are both praised by films critics for their cinematic achievements; however, they often face critical reception by Holocaust scholars, and for good reason. Both films take place in Europe during the Holocaust and take the audience through the experiences of a few individuals. Moreover, both films are based on true stories and present the Holocaust experience of the characters with historical accuracy. Schindler’s List tells the story of a German industrialist who saves the lives of twelve hundred Jews by employing them in his factories, while The Pianist tells the story of a Jewish musician who survives the wrath of the Nazi’s with sheer luck and the kindness of a few non-Jews. Neither Spielberg nor Polański shy away from showing all the blood, gore, the violence, and the killings that are embodied in the Holocaust. These movies portray the Holocaust with astonishing detail, but they fail to uphold the

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