Spielberg's Empire of the Sun

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Colonization has always been present throughout the ages, and has certainly psychologically impacted those of the colonized region. Cultural confusion caused by colonization has resulted in the bafflement and unsureness of their cultural and political viewpoints. In the film “Empire of the Sun”, we see Jamie Graham, being born in China and having no knowledge of his place of heritage, England, while admiring Japan, the country attacking his homeland, China, which is the result of having cultural confusion resulted from colonization. We see his admiration of the Japanese, his nativeness towards the Chinese and his disregards of the English through his words when talking about the War. This results with a differed viewpoint of the war, with his Chinese nativeness, English disregards, and Japanese admiration, than his parents (who have a different viewpoint due to their birthplace. England). His cultural beliefs are quite confusing (hence “Cultural Confusion”) because in states in the beginning that the war (or so he thinks) is between the British/Japanese against the Chinese, but the British say that China aren’t even an enemy, the Japanese are. Thus, due to his cultural confusion, Jamie Graham’s standpoint on the three countries involved in the war, Japan, China, and England, has resulted in the complexity of his stance and thoughts towards the war. China, the country of Jamie Graham’s birth, has been invaded by the British and the Japanese but due to his cultural
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