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I was born in an immense castle that belonged to the royal family in England. My parents, John and Sarah, were some of the kindest people that anyone could ever meet. I also had a brother who the country loved while they hated me. My father was the Monarch so he did many things which caused me to not see him much. I grew up a spoiled and ungrateful individual. When I was 16, I planned to murder my father so I wouldn’t have to wait until he died to take the throne. One night, I slipped some poisonous mushrooms into his lamb that he was having for dinner. He experienced agony all throughout the night until he finally perished. The whole country mourned his loss while I celebrated.
The next day, I took the throne. I ruled for three months without an issue, then one of my advisors complained. He was my father’s greatest adviser and served my father since the beginning. He stated, “You need to do something for this country. You should share your money as well as trying to help the people.”
I roared, “I don’t need to do anything and you shall be punished for
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Their numbers grew slowly and they decided to attack me on the one year anniversary of the former king’s death. I gathered all my troops to defend me and my castle. “Justice” came at the crack of dawn and attacked. I didn’t realize that their numbers were superior to my own. “Justice” massacred my troops and came for me. They dragged me out of the castle and flogged me. They took over my castle with all my money inside. The people who hated me the most left me alive so I could feel what it was like to be poor. Later that day, the leaders of “Justice” selected my younger brother as the new Monarch because the whole country loved him. The country flourished under his reign while I was left to walk the
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