Spiffy Analysis

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You've probably heard the saying, "don't judge a book by its cover." My mom's childhood toy, Spiffy The Raccoon, is a prime example for this saying. Spiffy is a half- raccoon, half- baby stuffed animal from the 80's. He is very cute, with a human face of deep chocolate- brown eyes, a classic raccoon bandit mask and a nose that would belong to a human if not for it's black tip. Spiffy's mouth is permanently wide open and smiling, so his over sized human thumbs and big toes can be stuck in it. Spiffy's fur is sparse and ratty, he is covered in stitches, and he has a flat, striped, floppy tail. Spiffy, although he looks like an old ratty 80's toy with a cute face, meant very much to my mom in her childhood. She was given Spiffy when she…show more content…
She couldn't bear the thought of parting with her dear, beloved Spiffy! Sometimes, Mom would wake up in the middle of the night to find him gone! She would then cry and yell for her mom, who would pick up Spiffy a few inches from where he'd fallen by the bed, and place him back in her bed where they'd sleep together. Mom would also take Spiffy everywhere with her, so the could suck their thumbs together. Sometimes, my mom's two older sisters would make fun of and taunt them about sucking their thumbs. But My mom didn't care, because she had Spiffy, and that was all that mattered. To this day, Spiffy lives on in the family. When I was born, my mom passed on to me the stitched and floppy raccoon boy, who had once been plump and fluffy. When I was born, my mom's sister, Aunt Gigi, also gave me a "Spiffy Two"- an ordinary raccoon stuffed animal. I have no recollection of Spiffy Two, and have no idea what happened to him. However, Spiffy (the original) sits in my room to this day. Spiffy was right there with my mom for for many years. Even when Mom considered herself too old to sleep with Spiffy and take him everywhere with her, he would be sitting in her room, forever a faithful friend. Upon looking at Spiffy, you may think he's just a ratty, worn- out, stuffed animal with a cute face. But to Mom, he was her closest
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